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Is Over the Knee for me?

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Hi girls :)

So recently I have become a big fan of Millie Mackintosh and her style. I have noticed that Millie is a massive fashion addict and loves style. I have been watching her style for a long time and I now realise that she has one massive wardrobe staple – OVER THE KNEE BOOTS!

Since it’s Autumn, and the weather is getting a bit more… less appealing? Over the knee boots are coming in BIG TIME. I have always wondered, are over the knee boots a style that I could pull off? What do you even wear with them?

Um, duh, girl – just look at what Millie Mackintosh wears hers with? So I did my research (Not the worst reseach I’ve ever had to do, mind you!) and I have picked out some key ways that Ms. Mackintosh uses to style her beloved boots.

Casual and cool:


Millie is a big of the ‘cool but casual look’. She styles a leather jacket, black blouse and denim skinnies with a pair of black over the knee boots, as shown in this photo of the Made in Chelsea star. This gives off a slick and comfy look, as well as creating a slimming outfit – an outfit that is not hard to pull together! We love!

Cute and dressy:

In this pic, we can see how Mills pulls off a ‘cute and dressy’ look with her stunning cream coat and chic dress – topped off with the eye grabbing over the knee boots. Look how amazingly long her legs look in her boots! PHWOAR! Why can’t we just download outfits off the internet? Sad face. :(


Sexy and Sophisticated:


Okay, so now I am getting a little bit sad that I am not Millie Mackintosh. Can I be her by copying her style? It’s worth a try! In this pretty pic we can see Millie showing off her sophisticated Chelsea edge with her dress and under-shirt, and of course – sexy over the knee boots! #TheThighIsTheLimit.

Conclusion: Millie Mackintosh is a STYLE GODDESS!


We will MOST DEFINITELY be on the Over the Knee boots train this Autumn/Winter.

Ciao ciao xx