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Hen Party Theme Ideas

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What is a ‘hen party’?

A ‘hen party’ or, ‘bachelorette party’, if you please, is a party held for women when they are about to get married. In basic terms, a hen party/night is an excuse for the bride-to-be to get all her girly-friends together for a night and go wild – and what’s a hen party without a THEME? Sometimes it is hard for the bride-to-be (and co.) to create a theme, so here is some ideas!

Military Women Theme

The military women theme is a popular choice, with so many versatile ways of looking ‘military’. This theme isn’t very expensive to match – anything camouflage print or dark green clothes will do. Complete the look with matching sunglasses, dog tags and black boots and your crew will look AMAZING!

Sailor Girl Theme

The Sailor Girl theme is another popular choice, and also sexy and easily done! Anything blue/navy/white/stripey or with an anchor on is great. Plain white sailor hats are a great idea, and of course a captains hat for the bride!

Celebs in their Sailor Theme Costumes: Elza Gonzales

Farmers Wife Theme

Ah yesss, the typical Irish farmers wife. What to wear: checked shirt, denim jeans/shorts (wrips if possible), and maybe some Chelsea boots! Why not make it fun with wellies and a farmers hat? A simple but super fun idea!

Typical Pink Theme!

When in doubt – think pink! There is nothing more fun than the simple pink theme! Pink boas, pink cow boy hats, sashes, badges, the sky is the limit!

I hope my ideas provide an amazing hen party for you lovely bride-to-bes, and friends!