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Christmas Jumper Crazy

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Ladies – we are superrrrrrrr excited for the festive season! Yes, we know it’s even Halloween yet, but we just can’t wait!

Recently we’ve been trying to find the best Christmas jumpers to stock for you fellow Xmas lovers, and we got to thinking, where did the Christmas jumper trend even come from?

Our research has found…. That they came in the 80’s, when television presenters wore them around Christmas time, as well as singers and other celebs.

Who can forget The Late Late Toy Show Christmas jumper trend? Not us! Calling Ryan Tubridy, care to donate your collection? LOL!


Tubridy isn’t the only one adores this trend, celebs such as Sam Faiers, Cheryl Cole, Zoella and Charlotte Crosby all adore the trend!



Christmas Jumpers are also a great way to show support for charities in your workplace, at home, at school and even on the streets.

And who can forget the 12 PUBS OF CHRISTMAS?

Haha, well, maybe everyone who takes part… #sigh

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